“Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions.” 
― T.S. Eliot

A game about a struggle, and a compromise.



Dissonance WINDOWS.zip 27 MB
Dissonance LINUX.zip 27 MB
Dissonance MAC.app.zip 27 MB


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Loved it... Good sounds, good levels, and even better story... 9.8/10 for the jumps but I get it because of the time...


This was super fun with a dope soundtrack!! I really liked it, thank you for sending it my way!


holy hell, this is pretty damn amazing! very well done!


Thanks my dude! :D

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Simple but very fun!
I love how music changes when you stand in front of the mirror and when you walk away!

The final is super! haha
Great Job!

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Gonna take a look right now! Thanks for the kind comment! :D

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I really liked the game's music and its concept/theme. It has a LOT of potential. It would be great if you could check out my game and drop some feedback.



Great one!

Is this heavily inspired by Celeste?

The main critisism is that it doesn't support gamepad and that level's tilemap graphics is way too simple

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Thank you! 

And half-yes about Celeste! The music in particular is Celeste inspired, but I can see how the rest of the game can seem similar.

I haven't even thought about gamepad support, I'll definitely do that next jam.

And yeah alot can be improved graphics-wise but I wasn't exactly sure what to do for the tileset and was afraid it'd turn out bad so I opted for basic.

I'll definitely check out your game. Thanks for playing mine!